3D Light Painting at Convention

Access Destination Services selected us to assist with providing two of our unqiue photo booths for this event so we recommended trying something very unqiue. The Light Paint Photo Booth and 360 Photo Booth (AKA Multi-Camera Array) are two separate services but we were able to combine them into a single custom photo booth with flawless results!

Interested in learning how this effect is achieved? Let us fill you in! Guests are invited into a dark enclosure and briefed by our attendant on where to look. Guests are given a countdown and then they hold their pose for about 10 seconds while we move behind the guests in dark clothing with our 5 foot long LED Pixel Stick. The camera shutters stay open for that entire period so they end up capturing a nicely-exposed photo of the guests as well as 10 seconds of 3D light painting taking place around them.

We hope that made sense! Check out the results…

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