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A Virtual Photo Booth at Your Online Event Creates the Ultimate Interactive Experience!



A virtual photo booth brings your remote teams and attendees together for a fun and communal experience. Show your best smiles, take a photo booth -worthy virtual selfie, and share the experience with your friends!

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The new normal doesn’t mean you can’t share a great experience with your friends, colleagues and guests! With virtual photo booths, your event, meeting, or brand activation is interactive and memorable. Your attendees get a personalized memento – a virtual photo with your business logo – to remember the event by.

CEG Interactive Virtual Photo Booth

Our virtual photo booth is built upon industry-leading cloud technology that is designed to be compatible with nearly every mobile and desktop web browser on the market. This means there’s no third-party apps to install and every user benefits from a virtual photo booth experience that is FAST, SIMPLE and COHESIVE.

Each of your event attendees can participate and share in the branded experience from wherever they are in the world! Our virtual photo booths bring you together on whatever smartphone, tablet, or computer you use. The possibilities with a virtual photo rental from CEG Interactive are endless!

How Virtual Photo Booths Work

Stay where you are and share an amazing virtual photo booth experience easily.
Our virtual photo booths provide you with a branded URL that is created especially for your event. In addition, guests can participate by scanning a QR code or even by interacting with an embedded version right on your meeting platform or website.
Ask your virtual event guests to strike a pose and take a fun selfie as if they were at a live in-person event and interacting with a typical photo booth rental.
Each guest’s virtual photo booth rental image can include your event brand and personalized artwork on every event photo.
Each digital creation is emailed to your event guests so they can share with friends and colleagues.

Virtual Photo Booth Customizations

A virtual photo booth by CEG Interactive offers you several photo booth rental options and customizations.

AI-powered Background Removal Virtual Photo Booth

CEG Interactive has virtual photo booths that can perform magic AI-powered background removal without the need for a green screen. Transport your guests to exotic sites for a virtual photo anywhere in the world or even create a virtual red carpet experience. With this virtual photo booth rental innovation, your entire event gallery will help guests feel like they were at the same in-person event together despite the fact that they all participated remotely.

Brand Everything

With our virtual photo booth rental services, you can brand everything. Get your logo and tagline on personalized virtual event photos, your online image gallery and more! No on-site photo wall? No problem! CEG Interactive’s custom-engineered technology guarantees premium branded images for your event.

Live-Streaming Gallery

Share your virtual photo booth photo collection with your guests using a branded URL or embed code. Your gallery that is available with free downloads for years to come.

Digital Photo Mosaic

Wow your guests with a digital photo mosaic that features the virtual photo collection captured during your virtual event. Nothing can be more amazing than seeing a custom mosaic being generated in real time – especially for brand activations and virtual conventions. The mosaic can be embedded on your website and can even be printed to commemorate the occasion.

Virtual Photo Booth Demo

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What our Photo Booth Customers Say

I never thought I’d rave about a virtual photo booth but I had such a great experience with CEG, it’s a disservice to not talk about their photo booth service! A virtual photo with my whole team was exactly what I needed! In an instant, we transported our seminar from our homes to an exotic beach. This was the plan all along before the pandemic hit. I got a virtual photo that is simply gorgeous! – Sami Hannigan

I got a photo booth from CEG last month. I’ve been thinking about this for a long time now. Weird I waited till Covid haha. But, a virtual photo with my friends and family is a great thing to have for our online reunion. Each one of us got a virtual photo that we wanted. It’s just amazing what a photo booth can do for keeping our sanities right now. Thank you to the team! – Peter Islay

A photo booth and a virtual photo by CEG is simply awesome! We will hire them again soon! – Rose

We got a photo booth by CEG for our class party and it was worth it. I like a virtual photo that I took with my friends. They have their own favorites too. I like mine because I look gorgeous in it! LOL! – Amy

The Difference that Virtual Photo Booths Can Do for Your Event

We understand that a virtual photo booth might be a cost consideration for a virtual event. When everyone has stayed at home, going online for work, meetings and even catch-ups with friends, what do you need a photo booth rental for? A lot!

A virtual photo booth rental is the next level when it comes to virtual gatherings. It is your way of telling your guests – ‘Hey, I am serious about this! I’ve even invested in a virtual photo booth rental for you to enjoy.’

And, from our experience, a virtual photo booth rental makes a world of difference. A virtual photo is never just a selfie or groufie: it has your business’ mark on it. It has your name, logo and trademark. A virtual photo is a memento that commemorates what you’ve put together and enjoyed virtually. CEG Interactive virtual photo booths help your business make a mark!

A Great Photo Booth Experience for the New Normal

In the less socially-distanced past, a photo booth rental gives you an actual photo and requires closeness among the participants that are often assuring and fun. The new normal doesn’t mean that we need to let this go.

A virtual photo booth is a way to get the same. It may not be as close or as reassuring. But, it can give your get-together, meeting, brand activation and such the boost it needs. It gives you a semblance of normalcy, in which your guests can share a virtual photo together and keep a memento to remember that shared moment by.

As a business, a virtual photo booth rental lends professionalism to your virtual events. It is not just a virtual photo booth. In a way, you can say that it is your way of lending normalcy to a virtual meeting or get-together. It is business-as-usual when you give your guests something they’d expect if a typical meeting, seminar, brand activation and the like.

Plus, a virtual photo booth rental gives your guests a virtual photo to keep as remembrance and also share. A virtual photo booth rental helps you promote your business – not just the meeting, seminar or brand activation. A virtual photo booth company, a professional virtual photo booth team like CEG Interactive, is your partner for achieving all this.

  • A virtual photo booth rental by CEG Interactive lends professionalism and fun to your online brand activation, meeting and any online get-together.
  • A virtual photo booth rental by CEG Interactive brings your guests together for shared smiles and great times.
  • A virtual photo booth rental by CEG Interactive gives your guests a virtual photo (or two) to keep for themselves or share with their friends and family online.
  • A virtual photo booth rental by CEG Interactive takes your business to the next level – old normal, new normal or whatever else comes along.

Know more about our virtual photo booth by getting in touch. We look forward to helping boost your events with our amazing virtual photo booth rental!