Virtual Photo Booth

The ultimate interactive photo experience for all types of virtual events, meetings, and brand activations!


Our Virtual Photo Booth allows members of remote teams and virtual event attendees to share a communal photo experience with their friends and colleagues without having to be together in person.

Our technology operates using powerful and secure SMS/MMS picture messaging protocols to create a FAST, SIMPLE, and COHESIVE experience for all participants.

Here’s the simple process:

    1. Your guest captures a fun selfie and text messages it to a special 10 digit phone number that we provide for your virtual event.
    2. Our image processing servers add your personalized event-branded artwork design to the border of each photo.
    3. The finished photo creation and a personalized text message reply are immediately sent back to each participant via the same SMS phone number in about a minute!


  1. We offer an upgraded option to perform a magic AI-powered background removal which allows us to transport each guest out of their home and place them right into any digital scene you want!
  2. If you need to accommodate international participants that don’t have access to SMS/MMS messaging and/or guests using desktops/laptops, we can also create a personalized email address that your guests can use instead of text messages.
  3. All images can uploaded into a live event gallery that has the option to be password-protected. The link to this gallery can be included in the message reply that each guest receives along with their photo.
  4. One of our newest upgrade features that’s well suited for VERY large virtual activations  allows all the photos to be processed into a digital photo mosaic that can be printed or displayed on a website. Check out the sample digital photo mosaic below.

Virtual Photo Booth Demonstration

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Online Event Gallery from Virtual Photo Booth Event.

Digital Photo Mosaic Wall

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