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Booth Rentals in San Diego

A photo booth rental by CEG Interactive is the latest and most innovative product in booth photography in San Diego. Our award – winning booth rentals are unmatched. Rent our booths when you want beautiful pictures, a large background catalog to choose from, and a memorable photo booth experience for your guests or partygoers.

Choose the best photo booth in the San Diego scene / marketplace today. Here’s what you get from us:

— Award-Winning Booth Design
— Incredible Photo Quality
— Engaging Interactive Experience
— Customizable Background and Other Features

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Award-Winning Photo Booth Design

CEG Interactive offers expert-engineered photo booths that have received multiple awards from industry professionals. We are is a recognized leader in the photo booth rental industry, in San Diego and the rest of the country.

Our photo booths are engineered to be technically superior, and packed with features and booth customization options. Any occasion can become a red carpet event with perfect captured photo booth moments! With features, props and an exclusive background catalog to choose from, your photo booth is sure to be a big entertainment hit.

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Incredible Photo Quality

Being on the cutting edge of booth photography, you get the best quality pictures with our photo booths. From the moment the flash bulb bursts to printing out our HD pictures or creating the slides, you’ll appreciate the technology and the team powering our booths. Beautiful photos and videography are captured easily!

Engaging Interactive Experiences

Enjoy the ultimate entertainment experience for any occasion. Choose from several types of booths, from our HD booth to our party hit 360 action photo booth. All these give you features that add impact and fun to your party, bar mitzvah, and any other event.

Customize Your Booth!

Think about what you’ve always wanted in a photo booth and surely we’ll have it for you. With our team at your event, you get the latest background catalog, a variety of features and props, and a premiere photo booth experience.