Frequently Asked Questions

Not sure about how to select the right photo booth or if you’ve allowed enough floor space in your event diagram for a photo station? Perhaps you’re not sure if you’ll need an attendant or a photo booth backdrop. This collection of photo booth frequently asked questions (FAQ) is meant to assist you in the photo booth selection process and will help ensure your event or brand activation ends up being a complete success! If you haven’t found the answers you’re looking for, be sure to contact us so our team of experienced photo booth professionals can get your questions answered quickly!

How much space do you need?

Most of our photo booths that utilize a freestanding 8×8 backdrop occupy an 8×8 footprint. In addition to that, it’s nice to have some space for a bar height table for guest’s beverages, plates, and belongings while they take their photo.

However, our Multi Camera Array requires more space depending on how many cameras we are providing.

Our Photo Graffiti Wall is about 10 ft wide and has a covered rear projection area that’s about 6 ft deep. Guests will also need space to gather for their photo and paint in front of the screen which puts the minimum footprint at about 12×12.

Please contact us with questions related to your specific booking.

What does the venue need to provide?
Our needs are pretty simple!
  • One standard 15 amp electrical outlet within 15 feet of our setup location.
  • If there is a busy thoroughfare between the electrical outlet and our setup location, we require the venue to run electricity to our EXACT setup location.
  • Wireless internet will allow for faster photo sharing if our mobile internet hotspot is unable establish a strong connection.
  • Conventions/Conferences may want to consider providing us with a hardwired ethernet connection.
  • It’s helpful to have the venue provide 1-2 bar height tables for guests to place their beverages, plates, and belongings while they take their photo.
How early will you arrive?
For simple events that only require setting up a freestanding photo booth, printer, and 8×8 backdrop, our usual arrival time is about 90-120 minutes before our scheduled start time. Larger custom setups and brand activations require a lot more time so we should be provided with access at least 4 hours prior. Actual arrival and setup times will be discussed directly as your event gets closer.
What kind of photo booths to you offer?
In short – Tons of options…just about anything you can dream up, we’ve probably already done. We offer a wide variety of options that range from open booths where there’s a sleek, free-standing touchscreen kiosk that has the camera, computer, and lighting system built right inside. On the other end of the spectrum are the Classic Photo Booth which is just like the enclosed models you’d see at photographic history museum but it sports the latest digital photo equipment. Some of our more unique options include our Photo Graffiti Wall which consists of a giant touchscreen wall and guests are able to digitally spray pain onto their photo. Let’s just say we have plenty of options to that will suit your needs!
How does a hosted photo booth work?
In short – Grab a prop, tap start, smile for your photo/video, and enjoy your photo! It’s super simple! Most of our booths include a totally awesome photo attendant that will greet your guests as the walk up and help them with fun ideas for their photo sequence. Once your guests are ready to go, they tap “start” on the booth’s touchscreen and the countdown begins. Depending on the photo booth, there might be a single photo, a series of multiple photos, or even a short video capture that’s turned into a “Boomerang”. Depending on the booth, the deliverable might be an archival-quality photo strip and/or a prompt on the booth’s touchscreen to send a digital copy of their photo/video to themselves via email or text message. For really large events and brand activations with larger crowds (and larger budgets), we can supply extra touchscreen sharing stations next to the booth so that guests can clear out from in front of the camera to do their digital sharing and the next group can begin their session. Another fun option is to have a Live Photo Slideshow on a display near the booth and/or elsewhere in the venue that shows an ever-growing mix of photos from the event.
How does an unattended photo booth rental work?
In short – Unattended booths are extremely reliable but don’t include a photo backdrop, props, or instant prints as those three items are the leading cause of issues at most events. Some of our photo booths are well-suited for unattended operation which means they are extremely reliable and there’s almost zero chance of a technical issue. These are great because they essentially run themselves! We offer packages that utilize our Social Photo Booth that include delivery, setup, and then our staff member will brief you on the simple operation of the booth prior to leaving and then returning for pickup at the conclusion of your event. Issues during an event are typically rectified by a photo booth attendant are often caused by someone knocking over the photo booth backdrop, guests taking photo booth props with them to the dance floor (and sometimes never returning after), and the photo printer requiring the paper/ink be replaced (which happens every 400 prints or so). The way we are able to offer reliable unattended photo booth rental services is to omit these three risks. Therefore, our unattended rentals don’t include a photo backdrop, photo props, or instant prints. Luckily, this is rarely an issue since clients are more than welcome to supply their own backdrop (or at high-end events, have their florist build them a beautiful floral wall, etc). They can also spend some of the money they would’ve otherwise spent on having our photo attendant there to buy their own themed props collection online. If some of them go missing throughout the night, it’s not that big of a deal. Lastly, everyone will be able to receive a perfect digital copy of their photo/video right on their phone via email/text message and then maybe they don’t need that printed photo strip after all!
How do I reserve a photo booth?
California residents wanting to throw a party should check out our online booking system. Out-of-state event and anything that’s going to be more involved like brand activations/conventions/tours should contact us for a proposal. Depending on your event type and where it’s being held, we offer various options for booking your photo booth. Currently, our customers in California are able to use our online photo booth booking system to browse through our many photo booth options, select their backdrop/upgrades, enter their booking details, and pay a 50% retainer conveniently from our website. If your event is elsewhere in the country or it’s something more involved like a multi-city tour, full-day convention, or custom build, we invite you to contact us for a personalized proposal. We have a ton of experience with bringing many of our portable photo booths on airplanes, Ubers, Lyfts, ferry boats, NYC subways from JFK, and even up mountain aboard ski gondola in Park City, Utah! We would love to hear more about what you’re planning and help create something awesome!
How does overtime work?
In short – A three hour package includes 3 hours of photo taking. We cover the delivery/setup time. If you wish to extend, we’ll invoice in the next business for the applicable overtime at the rate in your event agreement. Each of our photo booth rental packages includes a certain number of service hours, during which, an unlimited number of photo sessions can be enjoyed by your guests. For a simple event that doesn’t include special factors like boarding a charter boat, or needing special assistance from the venue (or union labor) to setup the booth, we typically arrive about 1.5-2 hours prior to the start of your event. Don’t worry, that time is not billed and is accounted for in the cost of our packages. We aim to have everything set up, tested, and ready for photos to be taken no less than 30 minutes prior your event start time. This gives our attendant a chance to move their car from the loading area into the parking lot, change into their event attire, and take a breather before entertaining your guests all evening. In the event that you wish to extend the fun beyond our contracted end time, just let our photo booth attendant know how much longer you’d like us to stay open. Nothing is due and payable the night of the event (unless you wish to give our hard-working attendants a gratuity). We will bill you in half-hour increments for any additional time you wish.
What happens if my event starts late?
Sometimes your photographer may decide to take the couple for some extra photos before the reception or the charter buses are late getting everyone to your special event. Our wheels are set in motion many hours before an event begins and often times a 3-4 hour event might result in an 8-10 hour work day for our team (which is subject to overtime wages per law). We bill based on the scheduled start time as agreed upon in writing and are usually open to adjustments of that start time up until we make our final production schedule a few days before.
Do the photos cost money?
Nope! Almost every event we do includes a professional online event gallery hosted on our website that offers guests the ability to find and download their photos/animations at no charge. In certain cases, guests may elect to order reprints of their photos by mail which is covered by a third-party printing company and all the payment/fulfillment is handled by the gallery software.
Why do my photos look so amazing?!?
We’re professionals! It’s taken years of trial and error, lots of research, and the best photo/lighting/software to create stunning photos! The secret to great photos is often in the lighting and then nailing focus and exposure. We get that right and then from there, we can earn bonus points by applying a color correction or your event might also include our intelligent skin-smooth GLAM filter which makes your guests look a decade younger (or more) on average!