360 Photo Booth

Custom-Engineered 360 Photo Booth For the Perfect Rental Experience.
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360 Photo Booth
Our 360 photo booth rental services will change the way you look at video booths! This is the premium photo / video booth experience that impresses!

Strike a pose and capture every angle! Immerse yourself in 360 video booths that let you create dynamic photos, video boomerangs and GIFs. This is a truly immersive photo booth experience that takes you where your imagination wants to go!

Experience the fun with our 360 photo booth! Live out your wildest fantasies, smile and take a photo!

Digital Video Camera Takes Photos From Every Angle!

Captivating Slow Motion Video Experience!

Send Your Shareable Video / Photo To Your Phone!

Showcase Videos On A Live Slideshow Display!

  • Rental platform with revolving video camera
  • Event Name/Logo Overlay on your Video
  • Online Video Gallery
  • Delivery & Pickup
  • Photo / Video Attendant
  • Email/SMS Sharing
  • Custom Tension Fabric Rental Backdrops
  • Custom LED Light Shows Surrounding Rental Platform
  • Animated 3D Video Overlays
  • Custom Branding
  • Confetti
  • QR Code Sharing System


360 Spinning Video Camera Platforms Capture Your Event From ALL ANGLES!

Our 360 video booths need a 15×15 area for the rental platform and lighting systems.

Creative 360 Photo or Video Effects

Elevate your rental video booth experience! Choose from color shifts, zooms, slow motion video transitions, forward/reverse, prism reflections, and more!

Extremely Shareable 360 Slow Motion Videos!

Instantly share your dynamic photo or video experience, straight to your phone via our social-sharing stations. These are located next to your rental booths.

Customize your 360 Photo Booth Rental

Your 360 rental booths come with experience customization options including: custom video branding on the truss structure, instant printouts, additional large slideshow video screens up to 80″ or onto video projection screen(s),  green screen video backgrounds, custom printed curved seamless backdrops, and more.

Standard party, wedding and event dynamic photo or video delivery is through email and SMS via our sharing stations. Your amazing experience goes viral in no time. Sharing stations are right next to our rental video booths.

Brace yourself for the time of your life! 360 video rental booths truly elevate your video booth experience!


Grab some confetti and step onto your video booth rental platform!


We’ll give you a time count as the 360 slow motion video camera begins to capture a 5 second slow motion video clip.


After your video shoot, step off the rental platform and walk over to our kiosk. View and share your animated video experience instantly!