We invite you to browse our extensive collection of award-winning photo booth rental and interactive entertainment services for your events and conventions in San Diego. We also travel nationwide on a regular basis and have extensive experience with custom brand activation ideas, design, and manufacturing for your custom needs.

360 Photo Booth

A video camera captures you and your guests from every angle while you stand on a central platform and pose for dynamic photos, boomerangs and GIFs, creating an engaging and immersive experience.

Green Screen Photography

Our powerful photo software is capable of placing your guests into an immersive digital “scene” with the use of digital backgrounds, overlays, and specialty color effects. It’s even possible to animate these digital layers so your guest can be part of a dynamic action scene!

Giant Lite Brite

8ft wide by 4ft tall illuminated wall with thousands of round holes to be used with our colored pegs. Guests can walk right up and start designing their masterpiece! It just like a classic Lite Brite but this giant wall is 8 feet wide by 7 feet tall when placed on a table at your event or brand activation.

Roaming Photo Booth

A handheld photo booth that’s optimized for quick and easy capture of event candids, GIFs, and boomerangs from fun perspectives throughout your entire event!

GIF Photo Booth

A powerful yet simple-to-use photo booth that’s optimized for quick and easy capture of beautiful portraits, GIFs, and boomerangs. In addition, powerful analytics are available for photo views/downloads/shares and more.

Multi Camera Array

Create the perfect shareable animation created from a frozen moment of time using our special camera array. We can do simple 3D photos for events and huge custom builds for conventions and brand activations!

HD Photo Booth

Sleek and modern open air photo booth combined with a touchscreen interface and a top-notch camera system. This award-winning design is as good as it gets when you combine it with one of our 60+ backdrop options.

Photo Graffiti Wall

Photo Graffiti Wall is like a photo booth but with an interactive and creative twist that allows your guests to digitally spray paint on their photo. We snap your photo, project it onto the 10 foot digital graffiti wall, and once guests are done with their masterpiece, we offer instant printing as well as digital sharing kiosks so their creation can be sent straight to their phone.

Slow Motion Booth

We capture your guests using a digital movie camera at up to 1,000 frames per second! Each session is followed up by a super slow motion instant replay on our giant HD display. Extra options include social sharing and professionally-edited recap videos showing off the best moments of the event.

Classic Booth

Step inside our classic photo booth and pull the curtain closed behind you. Part of the fun is seeing how many friends you can squeeze inside this enclosed photo booth! Tap start, pose for your photo series, and receive your printed photos in a matter of seconds!

LED Dance Floors

Light up your event with a computer-controlled LED dance floor rental! Available in both frosted glowing and infinity mirrored panels and are completely interchangeable to form any tile pattern you’d like.

Vogue Booth

This cutting-edge LED enclosure is combined with a powerful touchscreen photo booth system that captures photos, GIFs, and Boomerangs!