Virtual Photo Booth: Digital Photo Booths for Your Online Events!

Create the ultimate virtual photo booth experience with the industry’s innovative virtual booth solution!


What is a Virtual Photo Booth?

A virtual photo booth is the digital photo booth alternative designed to promote your brand online and engage your clients.

A virtual photo booth brings your remote teams, attendees, clients and friends together for a fun online virtual photo booth experience.

Show your best smiles, take an online photo selfie, and have a fabulous time online with your friends!

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Host the ultimate online virtual photo event! With a virtual photo booth, your event, meeting, or brand activation is online, interactive and memorable. Your attendees get personalized photos to remember your online virtual events by. Promote your brand in the most impactful way possible online – with photos from your virtual photo booth — and bring people together!

Virtual Photo Booth Rental
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Online Photo Booth for Variety Magazine

University of San Diego Virtual Photo Booth

Online Photo Booth for The Humane Society

Scripps Institute Online Photo Booth

SF Film Awards Online Photo Booth

Virtual Photo Booth for La Jolla Playhouse

Junior Model United Nations Online Photo Booth

Online Photo Booth for IBM

Big Brothers Big Sisters Virtual Photo Booth

Online Photo Booth for Anheiser-Busch

Virtual Photo Booth for Amazon

Our online photo booth is built upon industry-leading technology that is designed to be compatible with nearly every online, mobile and desktop web browser on the market. No need to install third-party apps. And every user benefits from an online experience that is FAST, SIMPLE and COHESIVE.

Each of your attendees can participate and share in the branded digital experience from wherever they are in the world! Our booths bring you together on whatever smartphone, tablet, or computer you use. The possibilities with a virtual photo booth rental from CEG Interactive are endless!

How Does a Virtual Photo Booth Work?

Stay where you are and share an amazing virtual photo booth experience easily.

Our virtual photo booths provide you with a branded URL that is created especially for your event. In addition, guests can participate in your online event by scanning a QR code or even by interacting with an embedded version right on your meeting platform or website.

Ask your guests to strike a pose and take a fun selfie as if they were at a live in-person event and interacting with a typical photo booth rental. Only this time, it is all online and through your amazing virtual photo booth.

Each guest’s photos can include your event brand and personalized artwork as virtual photo booth customization.

Each digital creation from our virtual photo booth is emailed to your virtual event guests so they can share with friends and colleagues.

Virtual Photo Booth Props and Customizations

A virtual photo booth by CEG Interactive offers you several props, innovative digital options and customizations.

AI-Powered Background Removal

CEG Interactive has virtual photo booths that can perform AI-powered background removal without the need for a green screen. Transport your guests to exotic sites for a virtual photo anywhere in the world. Create a virtual red carpet experience. With this virtual photo booth rental innovation, your entire photo gallery helps guests feel like they are at an in-person event together!

Brand Everything

With our virtual photo booth rental services, you can brand everything. Get your logo and tagline on personalized virtual event photos, your online image gallery and more! No on-site photo wall? No problem! CEG Interactive’s custom-engineered technology guarantees premium branded images for your event.

Live-Streaming Gallery

Share your photo gallery with your guests using a branded URL or embed code. Your photos / selfie gallery are available for free downloads for years to come.

Digital Photo Mosaic

Wow your guests with a digital photo mosaic that features the virtual photo gallery captured during your virtual event. Nothing can be more amazing than seeing a custom mosaic being generated in real time – especially for brand activations and virtual conventions. The mosaic can be embedded on your website and can even be printed to commemorate the occasion.

Virtual Photo Booth Demo

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