Rubik’s Cube Photo Booth Rental

We offer various types of inflatable photo booth enclosures that can be paired with many of our different photo booth rental systems. This LED-illuminated enclosure is perfect for Eighties (80’s) Parties!

Animated Overlays

Instead of a simple still image digital background, we can place guests in a dynamic scene that includes any combination of realistic motion, zoom effects, virtual 3D spaces, and more. Popular uses include: • A “flotograph” is a still image that includes computer-generated animation effects to create a surreal setting • Place your guests on an animated roller coaster ride, skateboard ramp, car chase, you name it! • 3D rendered backgrounds for multi camera arrays

Light Painting Photo Booth

The photo countdown begins and guests pose for the camera’s flash to go off. Right after the flash, the shutter on the camera remains open for an additional 15 seconds while the guests (as well as the attendant) move around with LED and glow props creating incredible colored light trails until the shutter on the camera closes. The creation is instantly displayed on the screen inside the booth and is then sent to a printing station outside the booth and a ever-growing slideshow on a giant LED screen of all the creations from the evening. Exit the booth to retrieve your totally awesome work of art!

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3D Light Painting Photo Booth

Camera Array Sizes Vary
Various Blackout Enclosure Sizes Available

CMY Color Offset

There are tons of ways to customize this sort of color effect to match the client’s event/theme/branding/etc

Green Screen Photo Booth

Having a hard time deciding what to have as your photo booth’s backdrop? Why limit yourself to just one option when we can offer your guests multiple “digital backdrop” to choose from right on the photo booth’s touchscreen. We can even animate the backdrop to make it look like your guests are in a dynamic scene!

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Andy Warhol Pop Art Photo Booth

Let us turn your photo session in to a Pop Art masterpiece. We can use the classic color scheme or create you a custom color recipe to match your theme or brand.

“Bird’s Eye” Overhead Photo Booth

We use a special camera and lighting boom system and turn any horizontal environment into the photo backdrop. There are options to have guests sitting, standing, or even playing in a giant ball pit while the photo booth camera is directly overhead.

Fisheye Photo Booth

We combine a special ultra wide angle photo booth camera with a special lighting system and unique skin-smoothing color corrections to to capture your guests in a architecturally-significant venue.

Human Turntable Photo Booth

We are one of the only companies in the world that offer this! Our 4 foot human turntable is capable of holding up to 4 adults as it slowly rotates during the photo session. Our patent-pending design allows a series of photos to be taken at perfect intervals so the final product is a seamless animated photo that’s perfect for sharing with friends online. This can be combined with animated overlays, green screen backgrounds, and more!

ARTiFACT Photo Booth

This is a special color filter that takes a guest’s photo and substitutes two predetermined images to be substituted for the highlights and the shadows in a photo. There are tons of possibilities depending on the images and the props that are used in the photo!

Hollywood GLAM Photo Booth

The Kardashians made this photo booth technique famous and now (regardless of what you think of the K’s) you can bring the same skin-smoothing monochrome look to your posh events as well! Our special software makes everyone look at least a decade younger on average!

The Photo Lounge

The Photo Lounge combines a professional instant photo station with your choice of lounge furniture, decorations, and props. Need help building your photo lounge? Check out these great lounge furniture rental companies: Lounge Appeal, Concepts Event Design, & AFR

Red Carpet Photos

Your guests can arrive in style as they walk a red carpet that’s lined with chrome stanchions and velvet ropes. Our interactive photographer has them pose for a a photo or two in front of a custom tension fabric backdrop that has your event/sponsors logos neatly arranged on it so they can adorn each photo. Extra options include instant prints, cardboard photo frames, and a sharing station so guests can email a perfect digital copy to themselves for sharing on social media.

Hologram & Lenticular Photos

We offer both multi-pose flip photos as well as 3D hologram lenticular photos. Special software interlaces all of the photo angles into a single printout and then a special plastic lens is applied to the photo to make it 3D. These can be made into sports trading cards, convention badges, Comic Con trading cards, and more!

Cinemagraph Photo Booth

We use our green screen photo booth along with some special software that allows us to place your guests into a surreal dynamic scene that is derived from a still photo. Clouds move, water ripples, trees sway, etc. These files are great for sharing online.