Infinity Mirror Dance Floor
Array Photo Booth – Animated 3D Overlay
360 Photo Booth with Animated Overlay
360 Degree Slow Motion Booth
3D Custom Trading Cards
Array Photo Booth – Animated 3D Overlay
Artifact Photo Effect
Birds Eye Overhead Photo Booth
Spectra Background
CMY Color Filter
Pop Art Color Filter
Custom Green Screen Set with Flying Carpet
Green Screen “Head on Body”
Green Screen Patriotic
Green Screen Branded Props
Branded Backdrop
Custom Warhol Color Filter
Custom Set and Bokeh Backdrop
Fisheye Photo Booth Custom Overlay
Fisheye Photo Booth
Custom Reflective Backdrop
Slider Cam with Hedge Wall
Boomerang with Natural Backdrop
Blue Angels Air Show Green Screen
Military Themed Green Screen
Travel DMC Green Screen
Music Festival Green Screen
Amusement Park Green Screen
Human Turntable
Animated Wave Green Screen
Light Painting
Photo Lounge
Boomerang with Custom Backdrop
Fisheye Photo Booth
Yacht Green Screen
Custom Photo Props
Photo Graffiti Wall
Photo Graffiti Wall
Roaming Social Booth
Slider Cam Brand Activation
Snow Globe Green Screen
Projector Photo Booth
Custom Warhol Animated GIF
Custom Set with Overhead Camera
3D Camera Array with Custom Floral Backdrop
Bullet Time
AR Snapchat Lenses