Multi Camera Array

The perfect shareable animation created from a frozen moment of time!

Create the perfect shareable animation created from a frozen moment of time using our special camera array. We can do simple 3D photos for events and huge custom builds for conventions and brand activations! Not all array photo booths were created equal! There's an enormous amount of experience and technical expertise required to create a consistently perfect bullet time photo booth experience. We have a mechanical engineering and computer science background that really gives us an edge over the competition. Taking a bunch of pictures from a 180 photo booth requires perfect timing between the cameras as well as with the studio flash system. We have seen other high-ranking array photo booth rentals in San Diego that say their offerings are the same but when you look at the sample animations on their site, you'll notice a huge difference in the alignment, focus, and synchronization between the cameras. That is why we are contacted by large brands and marketing agencies for events, conventions, and brand activations happening in cities nationwide. We can operate more than 4 multi-camera array systems in different corners of the United the same time while maintaining perfect quality and reliability for all of our valuable clients. We invite you share more information about your project so we can work on a custom proposal that will meet your needs and execution that will exceed your wildest expectations! Rent YOUR Array Photo Booth TODAY!

  • Precision Camera Trigger
    Freezes A Moment In Time
  • Incredible 3D Effect!
  • Send Shareable Videos
    Right To Your Phone
  • Showcase Photos
    On A Live Feed

Package Includes:

  • Lots of array size options
  • Event Name/Logo Overlay
  • Online Gallery
  • Delivery & Pickup
  • Photo Attendant
  • Backdrop
  • Email/SMS Sharing

Upgrade Options:

  • Custom Tension Fabric Backdrops
  • Green Screen & Digital 3D Backdrops
  • Animated 3D Overlays
  • Extra Social Sharing Stations
  • Custom Branding
  • Instant Printouts
  • Anaglyphic 3D Printouts and Red/Blue 3D Glasses
  • Confetti
  • Props Collections
  • QR Code Sharing System
  • 3D Lenticular Prints
  • Extra Staffing

Customize Your Array

The system can scale from 6 cameras on a small arc all the way up to 36 cameras on a 20ft diameter circle truss that completely surrounds the guests. Standard delivery is via email and SMS sharing on our touchscreen. Option upgrades include custom branding on the truss structure, instant printouts of the center image, additional large slideshow screens up to 80″ or onto projection screen(s), 3D prints and red/blue anaglyphic glasses of the center pair of cameras, green screen backgrounds, custom printed curved seamless backdrops, glasses-free lenticular 3D prints, and more…

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